20 Facts About Botox That You Might Not Already Know

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Everyone knows that Botox is good for smoothing out their frown lines, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Here are 20 facts about Botox that you might not already know.

1. Botox works by relaxing the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles and giving the face a more relaxed and refreshed appearance.

2. It is an injectable treatment derived from a purified protein that actually works on the muscle to prevent the muscle from contracting.

3. Botox does not fill facial lines: it relaxes the muscles underneath the skin that cause frown lines and wrinkles.

4. Botox wears off over time and the results vary from patient to patient, but good results usually last three and a half to four months.

5. Cosmetic injectable treatments (such as Botox) should only be carried out by an appropriately trained doctor, pharmacist, dentist or registered nurse in a clinical environment. They shouldn’t be carried out by beauty therapists who lack the necessary clinical background.

6. There is no issue with long term use of Botox as it wears off over time

7. Botox can be used to treat excessive sweating! If Botox is injected into the sweat glands under your skin it will temporarily block the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate sweat glands.

8. Botox Treatment shouldn’t leave you with a “frozen” face. A good result will leave you looking fresher, more cheerful, and perhaps younger. Telltale signs of Botox that has been badly done are a smooth and shiny forehead, or a forehead and crow’s-feet that don’t move when you laugh or cry.

9. Botox isn’t immediately effective, results begin to show in a couple of days and develop gradually over the course of two weeks.

10. There is no “ideal age” for Botox, meaning you can consider Botox whenever you have a treatable wrinkle which can be verified by your physician. Botox is not to be used on under 18s unless it’s for exceptional medical reasons

11. There could be many more uses for Botox. It has recently received approval in as a treatment for migraine headaches on the NHS and has been shown to be effective for bladder spasms, cerebral palsy, squinting, rapid blinking and other muscle spasms, so we may soon see Botox being used for far more than frown lines!

12. Botox has been used over 2 million times in the EU

13. The product we all know as “Botox” is actually a trademark of Allergan Pharmaceuticals who were granted the first Botulinum Toxic Licence in 2002.

14. The feeling of having a Botox injection has been compared to a mosquito bite or an Acupuncture needle.

15. Men typically need a larger dose of Botox than Women.

16. Botox is the second most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure – after Teeth Whitening!

17. The most recent figure show that the annual Botox Industry is worth $2,455,000,000

18. 92 per cent of patients are Very Satisfied with the results of their Botox Treatment.

19. Botox will help smooth your wrinkles but it won’t improve the quality of your skin. Remember to stick to a good skincare routine including sun block, and stick to a healthy lifestyle with exercise and good food to help prolong a healthy, glowing complexion.

20. Botox could one day be used as a cure for depression. It’s in the middle stages of development and at this stage no-one is sure why it works, but it’s thought that the treatment works because our feelings are actually connected to the muscles in our foreheads. To oversimplify: frowning may really make you sad.

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