5 Fabulous Tips For Your Dental Health in 2016

5 Fabulous Tips For Your Dental Health in 2016


Did you know that your Dental health has an impact on your overall well being? Good Dental health is actually an important part of a healthy lifestyle, so if being healthy is part of your plans for 2016 and beyond then here are 5 fabulous tips that can help you to thrive.


Brush your teeth! This sounds obvious, but so many people forget to brush! Brushing your teeth just twice a day will help you on your way to great dental health. Choose a toothbrush with a small enough head so that you can reach those hard to clean places at the very back of your mouth. Toothpaste.  To also help ensure that you get great dental health you will want to pick toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride helps to strengthen and protect teeth, which can reduce tooth decay in adults and children.


Floss daily! Flossing every day helps by making sure that you get rid of any debris, plaque and any other bacteria that might be lingering around either on your teeth, in between your teeth or on your gums. Flossing also helps prevent gum disease. Preventing gum disease is very important in helping get great dental health, as gum diseases can sometimes lead to more serious health problems. Having the right kind of floss is important for great dental health. When choosing floss you want to make sure you pick floss that is compatible with your teeth and gums. For instance, if you have teeth that are very close together you will probably want to get floss that has a waxed coating. Waxed coating will help the floss glide through your teeth with less difficulty.


The third tip for great dental health is to rinse out your mouth with either water or mouthwash after meals when you can’t brush. Swishing or gargling water or mouthwash after meals will help get rid of debris and other bacteria that might be left behind from your meals. Getting rid of as much debris and bacteria as you can will help decrease the plaque in your mouth. Debris and bacteria cause an acid to form on your teeth that causes plaque and eats away at enamel. If plaque is not removed it can turn to tartar. Once plaque has turned to tartar only a dentist or hygienist can get it off. So the less plaque you have on your teeth the better!


The fourth important tip for great dental health is to use mouthwash that contains fluoride. Using a fluoride mouthwash will help strengthen the enamel on your teeth. Strengthening the enamel on your teeth is great for dental care because the harder the enamel is on your teeth the tougher it is for plaque to stick and for acid to eat at it.


Our final tip is to see your dentist on a regular basis. Usually dentists like you to come in every 6 months. Even if you think your teeth are fine and you don’t need work doing it is still important to visit because they will do a detailed check up of all your teeth. The dentist will also clean off any tartar build up that has occurred.

With your teeth and smile taken care of you can focus your energy into your other New Year’s resolutions! What have you got planned for 2016?

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