National Smile Month Is Underway!

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May 20th 2013 marked the first day of the annual National Smile Month. An initiative of the British Dental Health Foundation, National Smile Month is the largest oral health campaign in the United Kingdom. National Smile Month is a great opportunity to raise public awareness of the importance of healthy teeth and gums, not only for the good of our oral health but also for our general well-being. This year actually marks the 37th National Smile Month event, having been established back in Continue Reading ....

Ten Interesting Facts About Teeth

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1) Milk teeth begin to develop before birth, but do not appear until 6-12 months after a child is born. Most people will have lost their milk teeth by the time they get to age fourteen. 2) A full adult set consists of thirty-two teeth, the last four of which may appear later than the others. The final teeth to come through are referred to as wisdom teeth. 3) A set of teeth consists of four different types; incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. 4) Incisors are the two front teeth on Continue Reading ....

Your Lifestyle and Your Teeth

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By brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and following the advice of your dentist and hygienist, your chances of maintaining healthy teeth and gums will be very good. However, taking care of your overall health through your lifestyle is another major contributor to keeping your teeth and gums in great condition. Drinking alcohol and smoking are two lifestyle habits that can be very detrimental to your oral health. Drinking alcohol is known to be a major cause of tooth decay. Continue Reading ....

About Your Dental Check-up

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In last week's blog, we let you know that you should follow advice from your dentist about how often you should be seen for your dental appointments. This week, our blog is about exactly why it is important for you to see your dentist for your routine check-up appointments. Check-ups are essential in maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. By making sure you visit for a check-up as and when advised, your dentist will be able to identify any potential problems at a much earlier stage Continue Reading ....

Visiting The Dentist

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There are many misconceptions surrounding how often patients should visit their dentist. Some people believe that a dental appointment should be made every few months, while others may wait a couple of years before booking in. The truth is that there is only one person whose recommendation on your recall period should be followed - and that is the dentist who saw you for your most recent appointment. The amount of time between appointments is determined by your dentist, and the Continue Reading ....

Choosing The Right Toothbrush

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One of the questions we most often receive from patients at our practice is about whether they should stick with their manual toothbrush, or make the investment in an electric toothbrush. Our advice is that a good electric toothbrush is the better choice. One of the best things about an electric toothbrush is that the brushing actions are performed for you, making the brush more reliable and easier to use. The other major benefit of the automatic function of the electric toothbrush is Continue Reading ....

Keeping Breath Fresh

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For those who suffer from bad breath, or halitosis as it is also known, a trip to see your dentist could be your very first step towards curing what can be a very awkward and unpleasant problem. In the majority of cases, the underlying cause of bad breath is a dental condition. This is why it is important for you to ensure that you visit us if you are suffering from such a problem, as we are in the perfect position to help you overcome it. There are a number of dental health issues that Continue Reading ....

Dental Advice at Easter

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Easter, and more specifically, Easter eggs, means that the popularity of chocolate is higher at this time of year than any other. Here is some advice to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy over Easter without having to give up Easter eggs: - Try not to go for the biggest egg you can possibly find. Treat yourself, but do so with a smaller-sized egg. Also, it is best to find an egg that is just an egg, without the additional chocolate bars and packets of sweets that often accompany Continue Reading ....

Welcome to the Diamond Smiles Blog

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Welcome to the very first contribution to the all-new blog section of the Diamond Smiles website. We are excited to present this new page of our website and hope to use it as a means to communicate further with our patients. Please check this section of the website on a regular basis in order to find the most up-to-date information from our practice. This will include promotions and special offers, news items, and notifications of important changes to our services and treatments. We will Continue Reading ....