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5 Fabulous Tips For Your Dental Health in 2016

5 Fabulous Tips For Your Dental Health in 2016   Did you know that your Dental health has an impact on your overall well being? Good Dental health is actually an important part of a healthy lifestyle, so if being healthy is part of your plans for 2016 and beyond then here are 5 fabulous tips that can help you to thrive. 1 Brush your teeth! This sounds obvious, but so many people forget to brush! Brushing your teeth just twice a day will help you on your way to great dental health. Choose Continue Reading ....

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist

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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist For many people, going to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience. There are many ways to try and deal with this, but aside from taking care of your own teeth as well as you can the best thing you can do to help your nerves is to make sure you choose a dentist who is right for you. Having the right dentist can help you to relax a little bit more and make your treatment less stressful – which should be enough to convince anyone! Here are some Continue Reading ....

Hidden Sugars Causing Tooth Decay In Children

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Most people know sugar and sweets are bad for our teeth. But many parents are surprised when they find out their children are suffering from tooth decay - even though they think they’re limiting the amount of sugar their little ones eat and drink. The reason is we often don’t realise how much sugar is hidden in our everyday foodstuffs. Natural doesn’t mean sugar-free Products labelled “natural” or “no-added sugar” may seem innocent enough. But they often contain high Continue Reading ....


Looking after your Child’s Teeth

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You can begin the process of looking after your child's teeth from a very young age, and it is important to do so in order to promote the importance of their oral healthcare as they grow older. For babies, you can use a soft toothbrush to brush their gums before the first tooth appears. As soon as your baby's first tooth appears, you may use a fluoride toothpaste to begin brushing. It is important to use a fluoride toothpaste as this contributes to the prevention of tooth decay from an early Continue Reading ....

Routine Dental Check-Ups

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There are many misconceptions surrounding how often people believe they need to visit their dentist for a routine check-up, and that is because the frequency at which a person needs to see their dentist is relevant to the individual. For example, a dentist may wish to see a patient again after three months if a problem or condition has been identified, whereas a patient with good oral health may not need another appointment for up to two years. The main reason that dentists recommend routine Continue Reading ....