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5 Fabulous Tips For Your Dental Health in 2016

5 Fabulous Tips For Your Dental Health in 2016   Did you know that your Dental health has an impact on your overall well being? Good Dental health is actually an important part of a healthy lifestyle, so if being healthy is part of your plans for 2016 and beyond then here are 5 fabulous tips that can help you to thrive. 1 Brush your teeth! This sounds obvious, but so many people forget to brush! Brushing your teeth just twice a day will help you on your way to great dental health. Choose Continue Reading ....

Hidden Sugars Causing Tooth Decay In Children

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Most people know sugar and sweets are bad for our teeth. But many parents are surprised when they find out their children are suffering from tooth decay - even though they think they’re limiting the amount of sugar their little ones eat and drink. The reason is we often don’t realise how much sugar is hidden in our everyday foodstuffs. Natural doesn’t mean sugar-free Products labelled “natural” or “no-added sugar” may seem innocent enough. But they often contain high Continue Reading ....


Rethink Your Drink – Beat Your Sugar Addiction

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There are lots of different types of sugar. Ingredients like Sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose, hydrolysed starch, invert sugar, corn syrup and honey are all sugars. Watch out for these hidden nasties on your food labels. Our addiction to sugar is linked to obesity, cancer and heart disease. Soft drinks are among the worst offenders of the sugar-laden foods and drinks we consume. When you see how much sugar our favourite soft drinks contain compared to water, it's enough to make you Continue Reading ....

Ten Interesting Facts about your Teeth

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1) Milk teeth begin to develop before birth, but do not appear until 6-12 months after a child is born. Most people will have lost their milk teeth by the time they get to age fourteen. 2) A full adult set consists of thirty-two teeth, the last four of which may appear later than the others. The final teeth to come through are referred to as wisdom teeth. 3) A set of teeth consists of four different types; incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. 4) Incisors are the two front teeth on Continue Reading ....

Strongest Evidence To Date Links Gum Health to Heart Problems

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“This research is truly ground-breaking. The potential link between what goes on in your mouth and the health of your heart has been an intense topic of debate for some time. This research clearly shows the more you improve and maintain your gum health, the less chance there is of developing a potential life-threatening illness.” Dr Carter, 2013. Leading researchers (Desvarieux, M et. Al 2013) in the public health field have recently published 'the most direct evidence yet' that there is Continue Reading ....

Dental Advice for Coffee Drinkers

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Every morning across the globe, millions of people either switch the kettle on and add two spoonfuls of coffee to their favourite mug or flock to their nearest coffee house and order a caramel latte or a frothy cappuccino. Coffee has become a staple of many people's lives, transforming from a need to a necessity and creating an entire mini economy in of itself. But what many of these coffee bean lovers forget is the impact coffee can have on your dental health. Its high acidity can attack Continue Reading ....

Good Oral Health Vital For Expectant Mothers

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet during pregnancy is an important contributor to the health of your baby. Your oral health and dental care are major factors in your overall health and it is therefore important you ensure they are both of the highest standard. It is highly advisable for pregnant women to visit their dentist during the period in which they are carrying their child. This is because pregnant women are susceptible to bleeding gums and build-up of plaque during this Continue Reading ....

Beach Holidays and Oral Health

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If you are planning on getting away for some sun in the final few months of the year, you may be interested to learn more about some of the facts surrounding holidays and how particular types of holiday can have implications on your oral health. Beach holidays and trips to hot countries are understandably a very common choice of holiday for British people. These types of holidays are not quite as popular with dentists, however, as the warmer climates often encourage a short but intensive Continue Reading ....