Great Dental Care: Helping You Stay Healthy

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As part of National Smile Month (, the British Dental Health Foundation have asked members of the public just how much they know about the consequences of poor oral health and the wider health issues that have been linked with it.

Significant percentages of people surveyed were not aware that some of the health issues that are potentially linked with poor oral health include dementia, pneumonia, colon cancer, and strokes. In each case, the percentage of people surveyed that were not aware of the links was higher than 75%.

In the last two years, poor oral health has been potentially linked to several more health problems, including various forms of cancer, erectile dysfunction, psoriasis, and complications during pregnancy.

Given the clear relationship between oral health and wider general health, it is essential to be responsible for both your oral hygiene regime and to ensure that you attend all of your appointments with the dentist and hygienist as advised.

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