Implant Referral Service


If you have been referred by your dentist please complete our referral form and we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

One hundred percent you.

Naturally beautiful teeth – talk, laugh and eat perfectly naturally. But life also leaves its traces here. Sometimes faster than you would think:

A sports accident or a fall can leave a gap in your smile in an instant. Dental Caries and periodontitis can cost you a complete row of teeth over the years. With our implant-borne solutions we offer you safe and esthetic solutions with high-quality materials, the best compatibility and proven throughout the world.

Simply natural. Long-term reliability.

Whatever the reason for having to replace a missing tooth, implants from Diamond Smiles provide the ideal solution for every clinical or dental situation and every aesthetic wish. The small titanium bodies are artificial high-tech tooth roots, which become fully integrated into the jawbone. They act as if they were a part of you and make a stable foundation for single-tooth crowns, larger bridges or prostheses. Implant- borne teeth act exactly like your “second set of teeth” – and they also feel like it. Nothing can disturb you or “flap”. Healthy neighbouring teeth are not damaged to fix bridges in place – tissue structures and bone structures are retained. Our implant offers a secure solution for every age and every situation. Permanent, strong and as individual as you yourself.

Good feeling. Relaxed smile.

Perfectly natural-looking teeth?

As functional and strong as your original teeth with a perfectly aesthetic appearance? We can meet all your requirements with implants – for that extra improvement to your quality of life.