A bridge is made by crowning the teeth on either side of a space and then joining the two crowns with a false tooth in the middle. This is made in a dental laboratory.

The bridge is cemented into place so it cannot be removed. A bridge usually takes 2 appointments to make, the first visit is to prepare the teeth, take impressions and a shade also to fit a temporary bridge, the second visit usually 2 weeks later is to have the bridge fitted.

A bridge is usually made of a precious metal coated in porcelain.



You will usually need to come for two appointments, and it is very similar to having a crown. At the first appointment, the teeth will need to be prepared by taking off some existing tooth to make it smaller, allowing the crown to sit on top. We will take special impression moulds that allow us to record your bite and tooth position, which is sent off to the technician to be made. We will decide on a shade you are happy with to ensure it matches the natural tooth as closely as possible. A temporary crown will be placed on the natural tooth that has been altered.

In the second appointment, the temporary crown will be removed, and the bridge will be cemented in with a special adhesive, once you are happy with the look. Your bite will be checked and slightly adjusted if needed.

The main benefits of choosing to have a bridge is to replace the missing teeth that you have. Also, your bite will be adjusted to allow you to evenly distribute the pressure/force when eating and chewing.

A bridge can restore your smile and maintain your face shape. You will also benefit from your remaining teeth staying in the correct position as the gap has now been replaced with the false tooth.

All our dentists have excellent experience in bridge work and can offer different options depending on what work is required.

The cost will vary depending on which type of bridge is needed, what material the bridge is made out of and how many teeth will be placed on the bridge itself.

This ultimately will depend on the condition and health of the natural teeth being used, the patients’ overall oral hygiene and health and the maintenance once it has been placed.

Depending on how the bridge has come off and the condition of the teeth underneath the bridge, we can sometimes recement it back on with the same special adhesive. However, the dentist will be able to decide this when they have examined the bridge and teeth.


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