A mouthguard is a dental appliance used most commonly worn during sport or physical activity in order to protect the teeth from direct damage.

If you are considering having a mouthguard made, your most reliable option is to visit your dentist in order for an impression to be taken and your product to be ordered. There are home kits available which involve heating the mouthguard and allowing the guard to set in your mouth, forming something of an impression. This method is unreliable as it does not take into account movement of the jaw and can also create manipulation of the substance which can leave your teeth with less protection than required where there is less cover.

A visit to the dentist is far more likely to result in a more effective product as movement inside the mouth will be considered, and the comfort and fit of the guard can be checked once it has been collected. In relevant cases, the dentist can also create an impression which can allow for growth and the number of teeth present within the mouth.

There are often a number of options available with regards to the colour/design of your mouthguard, as many people now request guards which match the colour of the kit they wear for their sporting hobbies.

Teeth can still be knocked out whilst wearing a mouthguard. There is no need to panic if this does occur, as measures can be taken to rectify the damage. Consult your dentist on collection of your mouthguard on the measures that must be taken if such an event does occur.

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